.io Domain Names Are On Fire

2021 has shown that .io domains are continuing their parabolic growth.

They are chosen as a clear differentiator for modern businesses across a wide array of industries.

Google has categorized .IO among its group of gccTLDs meaning they are global and not geo restricted. This has been the case for at least 6 years and that time has certainly helped fuel the growth of .io names.

Recent sales reported by industry leaders include:

Meta.io $100,000 (for Park.io brokered by MediaOptions.com)

Metaverse.io $175,000 (Media Options)

Trade.io was reported at $88,000

Swap.io was reported at $50,000

Palm.io was reported at $25,000

Chronicle.io sold for $10,000

Translucent.io sold for $10,000

Skin.io was reported at $29,000

These sales show that 2021 is off to a wonderful start for the most popular ccTLD.

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