July Industry Sales Update

Summer is here and many people have some time off to research starting a new business or side hustle. For anyone looking for a premium one word .io chat with our live feature to get started. We have some amazing options available.

Many of you reading this are aware that many large dollar sales are under NDA and prices aren’t published. We continue to see ?growth with .io domains, especially short one word names. They are a true differentiator.

Here are some industry reported sales:

Ledger.io sold for $120,000 by Domainofy reported in June

Auction.io sold for $100,000 reported in April

Avatar.io sold for $89,999 reported in May

Search.io sold for $47,000

Chuck.io sold for $46,000

Recurrent.io sold for $20,000

Who exactly is using .io domains?

One of the key benefits of choosing a ccTLD like .io is that the use is substantial. A much higher percentage of them are built out and in use than any other extension.

Examples of companies using them:

OpenSea.io – World’s largest NFT marketplace.

Artifact.io – a qualitative data company.

Bubble.io – a no code tool for dev.

Outbound.io – used by Zendesk for their conversational experience product.

Encharge.io – marketing automation.

Biome.io – Cardiovascular care and biome analytics.

Horizon.io – a Blockchain games company.

As you can see many companies are thriving using this popular name ext.

To get started on acquiring yours ➡️ reach out today.